WGT develops GLEOSS


global digital mobile platform
to serve special needs
of people with disabilities

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create one global platform GLEOSS - for all people with disabilities, uniting advanced digital services and traditional telecom.

WGTs GLEOSS project is aimed to improve lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world. Today, more than 1 billion people in the world have disabilities.

Accessible telecommunications together with mindful and socially oriented services can be their bridge to the world of equal opportunities and their key to achievements of the digital era.

We have the goal to unite people on our planet, making communications easy and comfortable regardless of disability.

WGT is proud to present the GLEOSS project, and we invite you to join us as our partners!

We believe that energy and dedication of our team and all those who support our initiative will lead this ambitious project towards realization, step by step.

The GLEOSS project can unite nearly 1 billion people around the world!


ITU assigned global network identifiers to WGT for trials of the GLEOSS platform.

Representatives of WGT participated in Accessible Europe conference in Vienna, 12 14 December 2018:

Katerina J. Walker

Speaker of WGT

Katerina J. Walker is public representative of WGT as well as the host and creator of Fight disability with KJ Walker, a Non-Profit Organization that aims to motivate and empower persons with disabilities to live a fulfilling life while the journey to their recovery continues.


E-mail: info@wgt.social